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From market entry to growth

Some of the ventures that chose to scale with us.

  • kiwibot
  • Artidis
  • Automotus
  • Boostbar
  • Arviem
  • Eldico Scientific
  • ExRobotics
  • nexxiot
  • Locoal
  • nomagic
  • Grandperspective
  • Carl
  • Uplyft
  • Talpa
  • microsure
  • Storebox

Are you an as-a-service venture in Europe or North America?

See if you are a fit

Go from selling products to selling services.

Leasing and debt structures designed for as-a-service businesses.

  • Adapt to the market

    Free your business model. Offer products, hardware and software as-a-service, adressing your customers’ needs.

  • Accelerate sales

    Unlock rapid sales growth and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

  • Minimize dilution

    Meet your working capital needs using smart finance with minimal dilution.

Our offers

kineo is your financing partner during the scale-up phase.

  • nexxiot

    “kineo are not just capital providers. Their support and advice has been instrumental in driving our rapid growth. Their experience and commitment as long-term partners is hugely valued by our whole team.”

    Dr. Maximilian Eichhorn (CEO) — nexxiot
    Portrait Stefan Kalmund
  • Carl

    “The market launch of our CARL system was significantly supported by the asset financing provided by kineo. Especially in times of tight investment budgets in the healthcare sector, innovative rent-purchase and pay-per-use models are particularly important for boosting sales. Together with kineo, we are continuing to develop these financing offers for our customers, aiming for a broad distribution of our CARL system. Together, we save lives.”

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Benk (CEO), Jörg Alexander Ronde (CFO & COO) — ResuSciTec/CARL
    Portrait Thomas Kraft
  • Locoal

    “As a climate hardware company, I'm thrilled to partner with kineo to finance our biomass conversion systems. We share a vision for scaling CAPEX-intensive, high-impact sustainable solutions. Their commitment aligns with our mission: sequestering 30M tons of carbon by 2028.”

    Miles Murray (CEO) — Locoal
    Portrait Bill Murray

Come scale with us.

We provide ventures based in Europe and North America with an innovative alternative to traditional equity and debt.

Contact us to find out more