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Venture leasing and working capital solutions for high tech companies

kineo finance is a globally active financing specialist for innovative technologies and equipment.

Our offer

Through our smart asset financing and working capital solutions, we enable young companies to successfully commercialize their products “as a service”.

We focus on venture leasing as well as other debt structures to fulfil young companies’ working capital needs while limiting dilution and allocating capital efficiently.

Our ultimate goal is to help companies to accelerate their growth and to drive adoption of their products with the help of tailor-made asset financing and working capital facilities that are complimentary to equity and compatible with almost all capital structures. On occasion we can participate in equity rounds when an asset financing relationship is already in place.

Our financing programs will be customized for your needs along the following offerings

  1. Asset financing: Sale-and-lease-back/direct lease programs

    The business world transitions to a focus on services which generate recurring revenues beneficial for the companies and their investors. However, young companies with hardware components in their offerings are often under financial pressure during their market entry.

    With our asset financing programs, we enable companies to offer equipment-as-a-service models and thus fulfil customer demands. With our funding, companies can concentrate on recurring revenues instead of chasing lumpy, one-off hardware sales.

    Our asset-based financing model is built specifically for young, innovative companies entering their commercialization phase and is designed to maximize alignment between kineo and the company.

    kineo finance offers fixed leasing interest or shared risk financing models.

    Enabling companies to transition from selling devices to selling services and data analytics.

  2. Working capital solutions

    We provide hands-on support and creative, customized solutions for a range of working capital needs. We pride ourselves in our creativity, our flexibility and our global reach; thus we frequently find additional solutions for other capital requirements.

Our focus

The common denominator of the companies we support is a focus on automation and digitalization.

While our team’s heritage is in Healthtech and Life Sciences, kineo has rapidly expanded into other sectors, e.g. robotics, IOT or logistics as they undergo major shifts towards digitalization as well.

Typically, we look for the elements listed below. We like to engage early, even before market entry, to build lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Early commercialization of product
  • Recurring revenue models
  • Novel technologies
  • B2B business models
  • Long term customer relationships

We strive to be as transparent and flexible as possible – a financing partner for the long run. In providing our expertise and network, we are valued not only by our portfolio companies, but also by their shareholders and investors.

kineo finance focuses on lifescience & healthtech, environmental engineering, intelligent robotics & automation, smart mobility & logistics.

Examples of use cases

Medical Device

An EU/US based medical device company with a novel biomarker in oncology addressing an unmet need for optimizing cancer treatments. The diagnostic tests combine hardware and AI-powered algorithms and are brought to market in the EU and the US based on a pay-per-test model. As the diagnostics space has been dominated by reagent-rental pricing models in the last decades, introducing a new biomarker to the market while swimming against the industry standard revenue model would have been very challenging for the company and its investors.


kineo provided an asset financing program for the US and the EU with variable lease payments on a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) basis and participated with a small equity investment. The result was that the company can offer its diagnostic reader (hardware) for free and focus on recurring revenues through consumables, while ramping up market penetration without working capital constraints.


A Swiss based logistics / IOT company developed a sensor gateway module for large freight railway waggon fleets. Digitalization in logistics is in full swing demanding large CapEx investments. As competitive edge, the company charges its customers only based on daily data output and associated data analytics.


kineo provided an asset financing program for Europe and the US in form of a sale-and-lease-back model, thus financing a successful digitalization in a competitive market.


An EU based company develops AI powered software for roboter-assisted warehouse logistics. Autonomous, smart robots supporting human labour will become key for the digitalization of logistics and manufacturing over the near future. Current technological challenges still require frequent human interaction with those robots. This company beats other solutions and structures as its customer contracts are based on “one-stop-shop” agreements with warehouse managers without having to sell the robots on top of the software solution.


kineo provided an asset financing program for robots with fixed interest payments. The company was able to focus on the higher-margin software part of its business as opposed to the capital-intensive hardware portion. This will most likely result in higher future valuations in capital markets.

About us

kineo finance, initially incorporated as DiaMedCare, is a Swiss-headquartered asset financing Group with global reach and with subsidiaries in Germany and the USA.

We are backed by large institutional investors as well as Multi-Family Offices.

kineo finance is authorized and supervised as Financial Services Institution for offering financial leasing by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and authorized in Switzerland as Financial Intermediary.

Who we are

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Erich Reinhardt, Chairman of the board

Former CEO of Siemens Healthcare, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, and former member of the Management Board of Siemens AG

Arne Kirchner

Managing Partner Alp Financial, a Swiss Multi-family Office

Gerhard Ries

CEO of kineo finance

Jacques Schächtele

Former Member of the Management Board of Deutsche Leasing

Ganapathi Subrahmanyam

Prokurist at Seedamm-Vermögensverwaltung

Eberhard Vetter

Managing Director at RAG Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft SE

Get in touch

We look forward to hearing from you

kineo finance AG

Office Basel (HQ)

Christine Müller
Phone +41-79-8506962

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CH-4051 Basel

DiaMedCare GmbH (renaming in process)

Office Munich

Dimitrios Dimitrakopoulos
Phone +49-89-206021150

Ludwigstraße 8
D-80539 München

DiaMedCare LLC (renaming in process)

Office Delaware

Andrew Brigham
Phone +1-307-6909375

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Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19808
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