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Our offers

We enable young tech companies to commercialize their products as-a-service.

In the digital era, many businesses are able to offer their customers as-a-service solutions, rather than one-off purchases. However, young businesses must still find the upfront cash to finance the product. This is where we come in. We offer innovative alternatives to raising big equity rounds including:

We tailor all our solutions to meet your needs and minimise equity dilution.

  1. Venture Leasing
: Our innovative solution for Hardware-as-a-Service companies

    Enables young high-tech companies to offer equipment-as-a-service business models that generate long-term recurring revenue streams instead of one-off sales.

    Designed specifically for ventures entering commercialization and growth phases.

    Uses innovative asset-based financing instruments based on sale-and-lease-back (or direct leasing) of the product that the customer receives.

    kineo finance offers fixed leasing interest or shared risk financing models.
  2. Factoring

    Our solution for Software-as-a-Service and other companies with long and deep customer relationships. Factoring accelerates cash inflows by leveraging the value of outstanding invoices. This allows your businesses to access funds quickly, optimizing cash flow and enabling it to seize growth opportunities more readily.

  3. Working capital solutions

    Complemenary financing structures:

    • Customized solutions for a range of working capital needs.
    • Hands-on support to develop solutions when you need them.
    • Out-of-the-box-thinking to help you meet a range of capital requirements.